The energy of Fall honors the year’s promise of renewal as it quickens and propels us into expanded ways to live and relate. It is harvest time in this very creative year. In the center this season’s harvest is a rapid swirl of change that encourages balance and unity. Fresh starts are getting underway and […]

Living Questions are energetic support for intuitive realizations and for the Life Force in you that is trying to evolve naturally. These questions invite paying attention differently than you might otherwise. When read or spoken with awareness, the questions can move you forward with less struggle. The questions invite turning focus to what you feel […]

Life’s sweet wildness is never to be lived in quite the same way as in this moment. A tulip red as blood, a butterfly light as a sigh. Love pours from the sky, springs from the ground, oozes in ocean slime and foams on cresting waves. Live this moment. To be alive is the miracle. […]

It’s simple to stay the course in life when we feel delight and joyous synchronicity. But can we live close to the heart of ourselves and the heart of life when we feel disappointment and frustration, grief and pain? Can we stop, pause and be with how we are touched instead of escaping through addictions […]

Spring turns awareness to a fire in our belly that is ready to pour out of our heart to express, create, freshly open and share ourselves in a new way for the good of many. The planetary sky speaks of applying attention toward what we love while learning to re-love what we may have forgotten […]

This is a year for many of us to answer the call to live in a new way. It’s a supportive time to commit to a new approach in our lives –– one that integrates who we are and what we do. As we enter this new territory, our spirited visions and inspired ideas for […]