This is a year for many of us to answer the call to live in a new way. It’s a supportive time to commit to a new approach in our lives –– one that integrates who we are and what we do.

As we enter this new territory, our spirited visions and inspired ideas for a better life can be brought into material form. In this highly creative year, we are energetically supported in furthering our self and our life in ways that open to greater aliveness.

As an inclusive year, it calls for bringing together that which has felt separate. We live in a play of grace with each moment being a point of creation. It is time to move beyond a divided way of navigating life from a mental-only perspective –– which includes pushing and striving –– to train our mind in dedicated commitment to paying attention in the moment and let action arise from here.

Creative energy is evolution and creativity is spilling out everywhere this year. These last years helped to develop deeper strength through hard-earned changes –– the ones that carved courage out of heartbreak and birthed clarity from confusion. Now this inner strength is supporting us to grow our vision in tangible, practical, life-affirming ways.

An invitation in this year’s inclusive, creative, powerful energy is to be present with the multi-colored experiences in life. In presence, we can truly experience our experience. By embracing the inconsistent, unpredictable nature of our humanness and the exquisite bittersweet mystery of life we discover that our heart, this moment, and the whole of life are good friends.

When we turn our awareness from being outside our body to being in our body, we can see Life’s music and poetry reflecting in everything. Each phase of the moon and dance of the planets invites a new facet of our diamond heart to shine. At times, energetic influences may poke at places to encourage thriving in newer ways. In times of forgetting –– when doubt or fear covers deeper knowing, or when the loss of endings feels stronger than fresh beginnings –– come closer in and feel what the moment offers right here and now.

Living at this intersection of soul and time calls for compassion and honoring the gateway of grace in each moment. The continuing invitation is to stop stemming the flow, stop hiding your greatness, stop arguing with your self and life. Consider getting out of your own way to let Life come alive as more life –– as you.

This year, in the midst of creative unfolding or creative chaos, can you say yes to what brings you more alive in each moment?

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