Living Questions are energetic support for intuitive realizations and for the Life Force in you that is trying to evolve naturally. These questions invite paying attention differently than you might otherwise. When read or spoken with awareness, the questions can move you forward with less struggle.

The questions invite turning focus to what you feel now, to what is alive or wanting to come alive in you and your life. To deepen in the practice and build a stronger capacity for present moment awareness, read the question with conscious awareness as usual. Then turn your attention to a physical sensation you might feel inside. Is it a tingle, lightness, tightness, discomfort, a desire to stretch or rock, or nothing at all? Pause long enough to feel what might be arising. Whatever it is, turn attention there and actively rest your focus there as you breathe into it. Relax any tendencies to do something to the sensation, to fix or transform it. Simply be present with it and let it be held in attention as you breathe.

By doing this, your mind moves in the direction of life instead of against it, into the present moment and the infinite potential inherent in this portal into Love. This translates into an increased capacity to be present with yourself, others and in your everyday life.

Life’s sweet wildness is never to be lived in quite the same way as in this moment. A tulip red as blood, a butterfly light as a sigh. Love pours from the sky, springs from the ground, oozes in ocean slime and foams on cresting waves. Live this moment. To be alive is the miracle.

Love devours our stories of how we think things should be. It wedges us open, its perfect crack streaming grace. Love’s undivided transparent thread, a kiss forever sewn in our heart.

Love lies hungry on dirty street corners, in aching eyes and bilious bellies. Love dances on world stages and in lonely imaginations. Love never stops thirsting to drink itself here where its creativity cannot be withheld. Love simply spills its aliveness.

Come closer to love’s touch, to a longing that swishes as breeze and howls as storm. Come closer to love’s magnetic pull, to its sweet or fierce unfurling in the center of joy or despair. Come closer in and feel love’s tender beloved fingers caress your heart and soothe your insatiable yearning.

Love carries no false promises for arrival or safety. Its only promise is an endless invitation to this golden moment to live close to love’s heartbeat in each cell, each tuft of hair and each flake of skin. Love is this, friends. This precious embodied presence, this drift of dust in warm air, this memory of youth in aging eyes, even this fear of this very alive moment.

Love, a pulsing universal heart, roars and whispers its song called LIFE in infinite harmonies of pure, simple, unfathomable creation. In this untamed ocean of love a new moment arrives. How might you live it now?

Photo by Saqib Z.