We learned to identify our life by our circumstances, experiences and the manifest form we see. Deeper, like an underground drum pounding its rhythm through roots and treetops, life calls attention to wholeness.

Beyond what is known, life invites experiencing this moment where an unseen and seen are realized as one. Here, kingdoms of dark mystery and a fresh moment of potential merge.

This timeless moment, a portal into unknown kingdoms, includes all potential. Beyond learned structure, yet including it, this eternal space of life offers majesty of fresh form and experience. Nothing is left out.

Creation dances, an entwined tempter and temptress, seductive and alluring, thirsty for love, simply wanting to express. Light and dark, manifest and unmanifest, human and divine, kingdoms converging in time and space. Not separate. One evolution, one expression of creation and one eternal kiss of emerging grace.

From the silent depths of what is forever unknowable, life opens its wet eyes in the wonder and awe of a bird winging south in a wind blowing north. Its radiant heart sings while basking in the shine of butterflies with breeze in their wings.

Friend, consider stopping here, in silence, right here, where kingdoms converge. Here, where grace finds us, where our ever-so-ordinary-moments are, indeed, miracles.

Photo by Elena Shumlova

It’s a fast world.
Viewpoints and boundaries are thinning.
Veils of unconsciousness are lifting.
Horizons are merging.
Global ideas are colliding and polarizing.
Life is a curious thing as winter lets go into spring.

The increasing speed of life calls us to live at a pace of presence with heart, sensitivity and soul. This season invites ending a soul-shriveling race to get “elsewhere” that we think will provide enhanced tomorrows. Life offers the discovery of a ripening tide “here” where the play of creation leads naturally to fresh ground and a future we can inhabit fully.

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We live in surprising times. Gut wrenching times and times too beautiful for words. As Fall streams in on the power of summer eclipses, the invitation is to meet the gut wrenching in presence and kindness, where it naturally reveals life’s unspeakable beauty.

Fall brings reminders to be awake to everything. To access the heart of life, however circumstances appear to be. Life is expanding. In the next 3 months, we can find balance in a wider landscape than we might have previously known.

Life is a continual series of beginnings. Each day arrives in grace and asks nothing of us other than to turn attention to unfolding presence. We are to live moments freshly, not as continuations of what has come before or in what is anticipated to follow. We are invited to drop expectations and, moment upon moment, stay awake to what is here. This is the way we live forward without struggle. Read more

To embody our self and our life is to pay attention to what is arising inside here and now.

Becoming embodied asks us to listen to a deeper sense of our self, to let alone how we think life should be and not choose between two states, but engage where life’s interdependent arising and demise becomes something new.

Our heritage is carried in our cells. Embodiment relies on self-compassion and inspires a rich kind of vulnerability and greater intimacy with all things.

Embodied presence allows a fresh exchange and horizon where we become authentically available to our self, others and life. As a radically awake reorientation, embodiment lets our mind reconnect with our heart and a sense of foundational Ground where we are held amidst life’s griefs and celebrations and the unfolding surprise of the ever-new.





Sometimes we feel inspired to come clean and be honest.

If we’re lucky, we tire of holding things together the way we think they should be.

If we’re listening, we fall silent.

Life isn’t what it seems. It doesn’t ask us to come clean. It asks us to stop and come to this moment as we are. To bring attention home here and now. To deeply rest.

We are shaped in mystery and enveloped in wonder. We burn like fire and shine like stars.

New universes are coming alive in our heart. Welcome them in.

On one side of the current edge of evolution, mind and body contract in habitual survival patterns. On the other side is connection and vital aliveness. Actually, there are not two sides, simply an organic, surging evolution of dark becoming light. These seeming polarities are partnering in one encompassing and profound expression of cosmic intelligence to establish pathways of aliveness. Due to the conditioned state of humanity at this time, this act of grace and breathtaking creativity is often seen as something to fight, get over, fix or further abandon, yet it simply needs one moment of your warm embrace.

All that is to say that this call is an opportunity to be with others in a deeply attuned space where you’ll come to know that whatever seems to be in the way IS the gateway to what you truly desire. You’ll learn how to stop abandoning your experience and move through surface distractions and narratives to begin to embody your deepest Truth.

Have you noticed that you are different than you were a year ago? Or even different from yesterday? Perhaps you feel less attached to how you think things should be, more open and willing to meet unpredictability, more available for spontaneity and showing up compassionately without needing to be certain or in control. At the same time, you might feel more committed to what matters to you. These heart qualities are getting stronger for everyone. Read more

It is through you that love expresses in this rare and precious world of paradox and mystery.

Walk with dignity, friend. Open to the profundity of each fleeting breath.

Let love spill awake and shower your cells with miracle.

Be a home for wonder, awe and majesty. Provide safety for heartbreak and dissolved dreams.

Know kindness as mystery weaves its tendrils, seeds grace and splashes fresh fragrance through its wild blossoming.

Melt in life’s embrace. Hear its pure secret that you are loved beyond words.

Photo by Sandra Bartocha

Through every sliver of your open heart love springs, howls and seeps alive, offering nothing less than all of itself. Daring to live wide open sets you in relationship with vulnerability and the voice of life under the noise. You may be asked to risk your constructed identity, risk your dreams of how you imagine life should be. Life may encourage you to stop and discover your unsung connection with everything.

When fearing vulnerability and holding to a conditioned identity of being invulnerable, in control, or unworthy and unloved, it feels natural to seek a salve for neurosis, try to ease the fear of loss, attempt to resolve what is missing to somehow rise above it and land in security or bliss. Yet these polarized obstructions distance you from experiencing the love you are here and now. Attempting to control eternal mystery widens separation and keeps you farther from the fullness of true possibility. You are this eternal mystery. Can you let go of opposing it, of opposing yourself?

Love increases when your attention is turned in the direction of life’s natural movement. Life will always move towards expansion of love. The invitation is to turn attention here. To let your mind come home here, now, where every unscripted moment reveals its surprising strength, its creativity and spontaneous arising of love.

You are a vast and wild aliveness of unknown proportions that longs to free its natural potency of kindness, care, compassion and tender presence. Come home. Discover that vulnerability is a portal for love and life’s shining eyes and precious heart in the midst of untamed, creatively natural unfolding. Come home. Discover that love may not be something to fear. Discover that the only risk is your image of how you think things should be.

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Living Questions are energetic support for intuitive realizations and for the Life Force in you that is trying to evolve naturally. These questions invite paying attention differently than you might otherwise. When read or spoken with awareness, the questions can move you forward with less struggle.

The questions invite turning focus to what you feel now, to what is alive or wanting to come alive in you and your life. To deepen in the practice and build a stronger capacity for present moment awareness, read the question with conscious awareness as usual. Then turn your attention to a physical sensation you might feel inside. Is it a tingle, lightness, tightness, discomfort, a desire to stretch or rock, or nothing at all? Pause long enough to feel what might be arising. Whatever it is, turn attention there and actively rest your focus there as you breathe into it. Relax any tendencies to do something to the sensation, to fix or transform it. Simply be present with it and let it be held in attention as you breathe.

By doing this, your mind moves in the direction of life instead of against it, into the present moment and the infinite potential inherent in this portal into Love. This translates into an increased capacity to be present with yourself, others and in your everyday life.