We live in surprising times. Gut wrenching times and times too beautiful for words. As Fall streams in on the power of summer eclipses, the invitation is to meet the gut wrenching in presence and kindness, where it naturally reveals life’s unspeakable beauty.

Fall brings reminders to be awake to everything. To access the heart of life, however circumstances appear to be. Life is expanding. In the next 3 months, we can find balance in a wider landscape than we might have previously known.

Life is a continual series of beginnings. Each day arrives in grace and asks nothing of us other than to turn attention to unfolding presence. We are to live moments freshly, not as continuations of what has come before or in what is anticipated to follow. We are invited to drop expectations and, moment upon moment, stay awake to what is here. This is the way we live forward without struggle.
This present relationship with life requires transformation of our view of the world. The divided mind and its vision of life with something separate ‘out there’ can unify and set our actions free of conflict. In this awkward, potent time of emergence, what holds all division?

As we come closer in, we see, feel, know and experience the world as an organic unity, as one movement, inner and outer. In this season’s progression, the opportunity is to shift away from exclusive reliance on mental conclusions into a state of natural exchange of mind and body where deeper inspiration prompts motivation, new ideas and action. What holds all movement?

A conscious living relationship with inner and outer currents of life comes from allowing this moment as it is given, without resistance or demanding something different. In this, we experience simultaneous giving and receiving, rest and active engagement, where opposites become one experience. What holds all experience?

Life continually invites our attention home to this moment. Here, our heart and nervous system relax. Being in the fullness of a moment delivers us from egotism and fear of life into an awakened experience of aliveness. Here, we know ourselves to be a living expression of the truth we seek. What holds us?

Each moment is a revelation and will never be repeated. On this fresh autumn day, you can commit to being consciously present, to turning your felt-attention here and to discover in the midst of movement, shift, creativity and chaos, what holds it all

Enjoy this life-altering and affirming season that can bring you home to your heart and to what you value!