To embody our self and our life is to pay attention to what is arising inside here and now.

Becoming embodied asks us to listen to a deeper sense of our self, to let alone how we think life should be and not choose between two states, but engage where life’s interdependent arising and demise becomes something new.

Our heritage is carried in our cells. Embodiment relies on self-compassion and inspires a rich kind of vulnerability and greater intimacy with all things.

Embodied presence allows a fresh exchange and horizon where we become authentically available to our self, others and life. As a radically awake reorientation, embodiment lets our mind reconnect with our heart and a sense of foundational Ground where we are held amidst life’s griefs and celebrations and the unfolding surprise of the ever-new.





Sometimes we feel inspired to come clean and be honest.

If we’re lucky, we tire of holding things together the way we think they should be.

If we’re listening, we fall silent.

Life isn’t what it seems. It doesn’t ask us to come clean. It asks us to stop and come to this moment as we are. To bring attention home here and now. To deeply rest.

We are shaped in mystery and enveloped in wonder. We burn like fire and shine like stars.

New universes are coming alive in our heart. Welcome them in.