Sometimes life includes a radical departure from the norm. We may be moved to do or be or let go in unexpected ways. Sometimes there’s a tug from our heart or a poke from grace that simply cannot be ignored.

My great grandmother may have felt this way the day she stood on a dock to travel from Ireland to America. Being a single mother, traveling to the “new world” with her son required that a man accompany her. So she posed as the wife of a gentleman she met that day who also was coming to the U.S. It was then that our family surname changed to support her passage into a new world.

Names and stories are part of life though they do not define truth. This summer is a season of truth. Much truth will likely come to light in world circumstances yet the truth I speak of here reflects a truth that moves in silence and mystery and births new worlds.

Hand-in-hand with truth, it’s a season for love giving itself without measure of return as it meets itself everywhere, seeing itself with innocent eyes and a tender heart.

And it’s a season for a fresh life that comes from rooting in this moment and acting boldly yet simply.

Life is a mystery where the unfamiliar is streaming from silence into creative form, then returning again to silence. It takes a certain grace and earnestness to live at an edge of mystery where the unusual is usual and circumstances are neither right nor wrong as they unfold in greater truth.

Like breath and tides, this silent mystery of life is inseparable from noise and activity and, at the same time, it remains noble in its quietude. In this silent intelligence, truth tumbles from its mouth and action erupts from its womb of love.

We are formed in truth and shaped in love. Our humanity in its glory and muddle reflects all of humanity. All life is gifted as we welcome and reclaim the sangha of our body, the dharma of our heart, the mudra of our breath, the Buddha and the Christ looking at us through all eyes. The path is to be what we are, as we are in the immediacy, intimacy and sanctuary of this moment. Our humanity is a doorway for pure mystery and high voltage love tenderly draped as compassion.

Our path this season and every season is exactly here with each moment’s new tide washing us in fresh potentiality. A choice of what we give our life to comes with every heartbeat. As we give ourselves to a silent Truth of Mystery, to the Presence we are in this very moment, an unstoppable flow moves us in a new way. New worlds come alive in us and we come alive in a new world that is full of the fullness of all life, moment to moment to moment…

I encourage you to check this out for yourself!

Photo by Nour El Refai