Winter Solstice is a cornerstone inviting deep rest and balance outside the fray of activity. Like turning a corner to come home from a long weary journey, early winter points us to a soft landing and soft heart.

Under the surface of things, deeper than the noise of things, different than how things appear to be, we are invited to meet each moment as it touches us.

If your circumstances require being in a busy mix of things, the deep rest that comes with conscious breath and presence will nourish and support you in grounded balance.

2016 has been a year of radical change. This evolution continues. Trials can also open the way to an enriched and beneficial life when you stay committed to the energy that is here now, without believing a story about it.

December is a time to root deeply and be in cooperation with life’s deeper intelligence. This will prepare you for the new year and galvanize your path of authentic aliveness.