We learned to identify our life by our circumstances, experiences and the manifest form we see. Deeper, like an underground drum pounding its rhythm through roots and treetops, life calls attention to wholeness.

Beyond what is known, life invites experiencing this moment where an unseen and seen are realized as one. Here, kingdoms of dark mystery and a fresh moment of potential merge.

This timeless moment, a portal into unknown kingdoms, includes all potential. Beyond learned structure, yet including it, this eternal space of life offers majesty of fresh form and experience. Nothing is left out.

Creation dances, an entwined tempter and temptress, seductive and alluring, thirsty for love, simply wanting to express. Light and dark, manifest and unmanifest, human and divine, kingdoms converging in time and space. Not separate. One evolution, one expression of creation and one eternal kiss of emerging grace.

From the silent depths of what is forever unknowable, life opens its wet eyes in the wonder and awe of a bird winging south in a wind blowing north. Its radiant heart sings while basking in the shine of butterflies with breeze in their wings.

Friend, consider stopping here, in silence, right here, where kingdoms converge. Here, where grace finds us, where our ever-so-ordinary-moments are, indeed, miracles.

Photo by Elena Shumlova