Today is my birthday. The passage of time is a curious thing. It feels as if I continually grow closer to new beginnings where life swims in my body with […]

Something is here in nothing. A silky darkness. A wild emptiness. A river of shapes and sound. A face with its never-before, never-after turn of lips. Just so and never […]

The essential stream of life that animates wind and breathes in stone, equally moves in our heart freely like breath in lungs. The soul of the world is both deeply […]

We learned to identify our life by our circumstances, experiences and the manifest form we see. Deeper, like an underground drum pounding its rhythm through roots and treetops, life calls […]

A brave and beautiful life calls us into mystery where we are drenched in invitation to be all that we are. A great movement of authenticity is sweeping through every […]

This morning she was a wormy thing on the butterfly bush near my patio. Now she swims in the air around my head. Is she learning the lessons of wings […]