Today is my birthday. The passage of time is a curious thing. It feels as if I continually grow closer to new beginnings where life swims in my body with greater ease. This has less to do with the number of years as with the poetry of living moments that shape days. Life is stirring […]

Something is here in nothing. A silky darkness. A wild emptiness. A river of shapes and sound. A face with its never-before, never-after turn of lips. Just so and never again, lighting universes and rainbows as tongues of fire singe my heart. Photo by Elizabeth Gadd

The essential stream of life that animates wind and breathes in stone, equally moves in our heart freely like breath in lungs. The soul of the world is both deeply personal and universal and longs for its full wonder to come alive in us. We come to life in the best way we can as […]

We learned to identify our life by our circumstances, experiences and the manifest form we see. Deeper, like an underground drum pounding its rhythm through roots and treetops, life calls attention to wholeness. Beyond what is known, life invites experiencing this moment where an unseen and seen are realized as one. Here, kingdoms of dark […]

A brave and beautiful life calls us into mystery where we are drenched in invitation to be all that we are. A great movement of authenticity is sweeping through every corner of the world. Depending on your perspective, this may look messy and far from truth. Closer into silence where wisdom runs deep in us, where […]

This morning she was a wormy thing on the butterfly bush near my patio. Now she swims in the air around my head. Is she learning the lessons of wings and the lift of breeze? Or is she born to that vitality? What vitality are we born to? Do not for a moment be fooled […]