Somewhere in Ireland and Iowa my ancestors hold poetry in their closed eyes and silent tongues. Somewhere in Montana a baby deer is born and scrambling to be upright. From the quiet mountains of Tibet to the lazy shores of Cabo, a soundless strength beyond time and appearances connects us.

And somewhere here, right where you are, a greater aliveness is calling you to engage with life, to bring all that you are and contribute what you hold in your heart and hands. To begin living a fresh, evolving vision.

The energy of winter, of now, invites risking your identity as a separate self. It invites embracing a radical commitment to a unified truth of existence. New levels of living and awakened possibilities can shape through your dreams, inspirations, visions, insights and revelations.

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Life is about being here

growing in truth

coming out of hiding

and wiggling in laughter.

It’s about aware attention

crying babies

tired mothers

and radiant moons.

It’s about skinned elbows

lost hair

and voices like angels.

Life is about living this simple moment

as your mind is touched by fingers of grace

and your heart is held in arms of grace.

Yes, life is about falling into boundless, wide-eyed amazement.

Photo by Elizabeth Gadd


It might appear as ragged, tired, or raw

an overlooked one in a dark alley

or a lonely one in the cold of night.

Though it might echo a chilling wail

or bellow with pompous forgetting

listen closer, friend

come here, friend.

Under your torn heart

shattered by worn threads of forgetting

a glint of sunlight

like answered prayer

reveals an ancient language

of brokenness becoming love

and truth finding voice

and birdsong landing in fresh morning dew.

Photo by Elizabeth Gadd