Somewhere in Ireland and Iowa my ancestors hold poetry in their closed eyes and silent tongues. Somewhere in Montana a baby deer is born and scrambling to be upright. From the quiet mountains of Tibet to the lazy shores of Cabo, a soundless strength beyond time and appearances connects us.

And somewhere here, right where you are, a greater aliveness is calling you to engage with life, to bring all that you are and contribute what you hold in your heart and hands. To begin living a fresh, evolving vision.

The energy of winter, of now, invites risking your identity as a separate self. It invites embracing a radical commitment to a unified truth of existence. New levels of living and awakened possibilities can shape through your dreams, inspirations, visions, insights and revelations.

Follow the energy that brings a feeling of grounded aliveness. A small sweetness, a heart-truth, simple and ordinary, is also this moment’s genius and can be a boost for another person that you might never meet. Your energy, words, talent, kindness, wisdom, invention, hands, openness can support life’s launching pad for a sustainable future.

It can be freeing and humbling to live in truth exactly where you are. This is different from a mental idea of how you think things should be. Profound authenticity is here now, inside, waiting for the unveiling of your heart. Life’s moments will not hold still. Though your vision may be large or small, unfinished, uncertain, or even unknown, this active time calls you to come alive in that which grows you.
An arc of universal quickening is framing the threshold we now cross. Cycles within cycles of creation are moving fast. This can feel like a great pressure in your system. For some, this will represent a strong motivation to participate in a way that feels aligned with what matters to them, even if they don’t yet know what that is. Others may recognize this energetic build-up as a momentum of spiritual realization that is brimming awake.

This season extends an invitation to come to responsibility – a capacity to respond openly to what is here. This represents a larger adjustment to inclusive ways. Inclusive of differences, uncertainty, joy and pain. Time-bound energy that has been suppressed may remind you that it, too, wants to come into presence. Energy wants to evolve in its true expression of light and join the fullness of life, not continue in isolated immaturity, hiding in dark corners of your body and mind.

Cycles of transition are encouraging a reorientation of logical mind into soulful, inclusive partnership. Life grows towards light in the strength of togetherness: love and truth, kindness and awareness, masculine energies like willingness and feminine energies like courage, mind and heart, a friend here and a stranger there. Inclusiveness encompasses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects together in wholeness. It invites ending attachment and misidentification to have room in your compassionate heart for all appearances in life. The importance of presence and aligning in unity consciousness at this time cannot be overstated.

All life is a spiritual path. The path is everywhere. This winter is a time for practical application. There is little that is more practical than recognition and expression of your authentic self. Nurture that which wants to come alive in your cells and your deeper vision. Then follow where this points.

You can start now by feeling what is as close as your breath — a timelessness older than time and as fresh as now. Consciously and actively rest in this as the details of today unfold.

Welcome to this new season!
Photo by JJ