Through every sliver of your open heart love springs, howls and seeps alive, offering nothing less than all of itself. Daring to live wide open sets you in relationship with vulnerability and the voice of life under the noise. You may be asked to risk your constructed identity, risk your dreams of how you imagine life should be. Life may encourage you to stop and discover your unsung connection with everything.

When fearing vulnerability and holding to a conditioned identity of being invulnerable, in control, or unworthy and unloved, it feels natural to seek a salve for neurosis, try to ease the fear of loss, attempt to resolve what is missing to somehow rise above it and land in security or bliss. Yet these polarized obstructions distance you from experiencing the love you are here and now. Attempting to control eternal mystery widens separation and keeps you farther from the fullness of true possibility. You are this eternal mystery. Can you let go of opposing it, of opposing yourself?

Love increases when your attention is turned in the direction of life’s natural movement. Life will always move towards expansion of love. The invitation is to turn attention here. To let your mind come home here, now, where every unscripted moment reveals its surprising strength, its creativity and spontaneous arising of love.

You are a vast and wild aliveness of unknown proportions that longs to free its natural potency of kindness, care, compassion and tender presence. Come home. Discover that vulnerability is a portal for love and life’s shining eyes and precious heart in the midst of untamed, creatively natural unfolding. Come home. Discover that love may not be something to fear. Discover that the only risk is your image of how you think things should be.

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