It’s a fast world.
Viewpoints and boundaries are thinning.
Veils of unconsciousness are lifting.
Horizons are merging.
Global ideas are colliding and polarizing.
Life is a curious thing as winter lets go into spring.

The increasing speed of life calls us to live at a pace of presence with heart, sensitivity and soul. This season invites ending a soul-shriveling race to get “elsewhere” that we think will provide enhanced tomorrows. Life offers the discovery of a ripening tide “here” where the play of creation leads naturally to fresh ground and a future we can inhabit fully.

Living at the pace of presence is about relaxing open in awareness, here, now. If our attention is hovering in projected future imaginings or fear, the split mind will continue to speed along in tension and conflict. In undivided mind, we notice how an undisturbed quiet presence lifts our hand to pick up a cellphone seconds before it rings and knows exactly how and when to take a next step. It’s all life.

As a playful creativity of spring dawns across the land, ideas and unexpected support are plentiful. Life knows what it is doing. It moves in the direction of evolution and older forms must give way to newer creations. This contrast provides a compass for expansion. Noticing the narrowing of contrast also points us to a curiously inexplicable intelligence beyond it. I invite you to discover this for yourself. As the speed and contrast of life increase over the next months, consider seeding your daily moments with aware attention.

Staying true to living at this threshold of presence is not about taking on another agenda or over-efforting. It’s about the sensitivity and earnestness of “kindfulness” – mindful kindness. In this receptivity we can generously release or weather the uprooting of what we have clung to. We can pause and honor life’s cycles. Naturally, this integrates and brings us to our next steps.

The extraordinary grace of presence is a humbling and faithful teacher. Living at the pace of presence allows for a life of love and a love of life to become one miracle of living and loving. Ultimately, presence shapes us to a realization that we are this presence, this moment, and we simply remember our home.

Yes, Life is a curious thing. There is so much beauty in its wild blossoming of seasons and its mysterious emergence as flavors of dark and light. All of it, every beginning and ending, every shout and song is a unique invitation to open to the intimacy of being here now where even our breath is a miracle.