The essential stream of life that animates wind and breathes in stone, equally moves in our heart freely like breath in lungs. The soul of the world is both deeply personal and universal and longs for its full wonder to come alive in us.
We come to life in the best way we can as we learn to open beyond what we know. We plunge into life’s fiery furnace or we cling to comfortable territory. We risk our separateness and give ourselves to life or we attempt to bend life to our will. Polarities are the stuff of everyday life. As opinions and actions polarize and voice themselves louder in the world, life points us to our heart and its heartbeat of wholeness. Here, we meet the heart and soul of all life.

Life is all about connecting. This begins with our muscle of inclusion — our heart. It is a great unifier and home for all that appears separate or polarized.
How can we live freely with an available, welcoming heart in the midst of life’s challenges? As we are stretched slowly like worn leather or quickly like soft taffy, how can we stay open like universes…or even open our heart at all?
In dropping our defenses and touching into our vulnerability, our heart opens naturally. Without defending ideas about a separate sense of self or how we think life should be, our attention comes in closer to the presence — the feel of our being — no matter how life is presenting.
This is not an act of will so much as it is a profound commitment to truth. It is open heart territory. Here, the communion of mind and heart render us transparent, aware, and present in clarity and purpose.
Great things happen when mind finds home in our heart. We discover all is allowed and there is nothing to get away from or push away. Polarities appear as aspects of one whole, dancing, as deeper “knowing” penetrates our living. Nothing is stale as new worlds pour through us freshly in unexpected ways.
Everything in life calls us to open to what is evident and what is touching us inside and moving in our heart. As radiant skies break open in us, there is wonderful discovery, moment to moment.

When all is said and done, whatever comes around the next bend, however messy or smooth life circumstances appear to be and however we respond, a quiet, kind whisper in our heart’s ear re-minds us that this moment is a fresh dawn. Every tick in time is an immense open door.

Life’s valley of soul-making points us to our true authenticity where the Poetry of Life is indistinguishable from our cells, distant stars and the soul of all creation as we do the dishes and take out the trash. Authenticity invites giving our self to the winged moment that is alive in us.

How tender our humanity! What enormous wonders we are! Brimming with paradox and living in a world of polarities, in our deepest heart of hearts we discover unity and that all life ever asks of us is to freely give ourselves to it.

Is there anything sweeter than a fully lived moment?

Photo by Elizabeth Gadd