It is through you that love expresses in this rare and precious world of paradox and mystery.

Walk with dignity, friend. Open to the profundity of each fleeting breath.

Let love spill awake and shower your cells with miracle.

Be a home for wonder, awe and majesty. Provide safety for heartbreak and dissolved dreams.

Know kindness as mystery weaves its tendrils, seeds grace and splashes fresh fragrance through its wild blossoming.

Melt in life’s embrace. Hear its pure secret that you are loved beyond words.

Photo by Sandra Bartocha

Winter season’s theme is humanitarian unity. No matter our calling or contrasting realities, the unprecedented nature of life calls us into fuller expression of who we are as we dig in and get serious about our personal and collective quality of life.

As winter progresses and life’s waves of change get bigger and more sudden, the invitation is to open to what is moving and coming alive in us. This sets us in coherence to offer our presence to others who are on challenging thresholds. Our integrity and unique artistry will increase this season as we risk opening to palpable surges of change. Read more