Those of you who remember the bouncy doo-wop song, Summertime Summertime Sum Sum Summertime by the Jamies, may also remember simpler times. Life in today’s world is vastly more complex than those Leave it to Beaver days, yet the heart of life remains simple. Learning to open and stay in your heart is the foundation of these creatively transformative times.

The great discipline of transformation is to live at the intersection where life is simultaneously arising and passing away. We seem to live our best at a crossroads where we don’t cling to the old or push away what is new. Most of us have experience demonstrating that this isn’t always easy. However, in this space where things come into existence, life moves freely and creatively. So do we. Read more

On one side of the current edge of evolution, mind and body contract in habitual survival patterns. On the other side is connection and vital aliveness. Actually, there are not two sides, simply an organic, surging evolution of dark becoming light. These seeming polarities are partnering in one encompassing and profound expression of cosmic intelligence to establish pathways of aliveness. Due to the conditioned state of humanity at this time, this act of grace and breathtaking creativity is often seen as something to fight, get over, fix or further abandon, yet it simply needs one moment of your warm embrace.

All that is to say that this call is an opportunity to be with others in a deeply attuned space where you’ll come to know that whatever seems to be in the way IS the gateway to what you truly desire. You’ll learn how to stop abandoning your experience and move through surface distractions and narratives to begin to embody your deepest Truth.