Sometimes life includes a radical departure from the norm. We may be moved to do or be or let go in unexpected ways. Sometimes there’s a tug from our heart or a poke from grace that simply cannot be ignored.

My great grandmother may have felt this way the day she stood on a dock to travel from Ireland to America. Being a single mother, traveling to the “new world” with her son required that a man accompany her. So she posed as the wife of a gentleman she met that day who also was coming to the U.S. It was then that our family surname changed to support her passage into a new world.

Names and stories are part of life though they do not define truth. This summer is a season of truth. Much truth will likely come to light in world circumstances yet the truth I speak of here reflects a truth that moves in silence and mystery and births new worlds. Read more

A change in seasons points our attention to new life yet every day is a new season with new life. Every moment is a new tide washing us with fresh opportunity to choose what is here now — a pulse inside that is breathing itself alive as wildly varied expressions in this wide amazing world.

Photo by Elena Shumlova