Meet Nancy Elizabeth Brady

My foundation in holistic wellness began with a degree in nutrition. Along with a simultaneous management career in the advertising industry, I immersed in a full spectrum of somatic wellness systems, meditation, eastern philosophies, qigong, yoga, energy healing, psychic channeling, silent retreats and extended pilgrimages. I studied with remarkable teachers from all parts of the world. During this span of years, I wrote bimonthly columns for Awareness Magazine.

All this contributed to a spiritual map and to my life in many ways. Ultimately I came to realize that truth is beyond any map or system and that my primary teacher is Life. Many revelations occurred and turned me away from seeking.

In 2013, in a single moment of pausing to look at a flower my heart and mind fell open in timeless emptiness where all creation is one thing, one life, seamlessly appearing as every form, every movement.

This fundamental reorientation was a fresh beginning and led me into new territory. There was a visceral feeling of being in my body differently, seeing with new eyes and recognizing the holy gift of every spec of existence, including my body, every body, the earth.

Life changed dramatically. New abilities with poetry and art opened up spontaneously. These gifts were useful as conditioning unwound, as mind learned to rest in my body and the natural movement of life.

The focus of my work is embodiment where Awareness comes more fully forward in humanity, co-existing as paradox without a problem. This opens to profound peace in the midst of everyday circumstances.

People who have worked with me have this to say

“Life changing. This is not just something I “do” for an hour and then put it on a shelf until my next session. It is part of who I am. My journey. My desire to discover in the deepest way possible who I am and what I’m here for. underneath all the baggage, the Truth, the deepest healing possible, the greatest unwind, the fulfilling of the deepest longing…to have the opportunity to walk upon this planet, truly inhabiting my body, full of love for myself and radiating this love and health and Wholeness to All.

In our time together on the phone, your wisdom and strength come across so clearly and yet there is a gentle lovingness to your presence. I feel supported to be in the process and continue to deeply explore how life is opening in me.”

Janelle MuseMassage Therapist

“Working with you has been such a deepening experience of connecting to the core of who I am. Your intuition and skills have enabled me to move through painful memories to a place of openness and new opportunities. I feel more peaceful, compassionate and accepting since doing the embodiment work with you!”

Eileen KleinMarriage & Family Therapist