Nancy Elizabeth Brady

My Life — a bit of detail 

I consider my role to be as a spiritual and creative companion and guide. I am blessed to be with individuals and groups as they awaken to new dimensions of their wholeness and creativity.

I see spirituality and creativity as one emergent, expressive energy full of invitation and possibility where something new is always born.

My Artistry of Being uniquely me is woven from a tapestry of the mystical and the practical. My ultimate teacher is Life.

Discovering My Rhythm — a bit of history

Throughout my life, there has been a sense of inner seeing and a visceral knowing of things. This intuitive sense was simply part of my way of being in life. While my formal education led to a degree in nutrition and a management career in advertising agencies, in the early 1990s numerous mystical/spiritual revelations opened new horizons.

I studied and mentored with remarkable teachers and healers from all parts of the world. I traveled on extended pilgrimages, deepened in silent retreats and immersed in a full spectrum of healing traditions, somatic wellness systems and meditation practices. During this span of years I wrote a column on emotional wellbeing that was published in every issue of Awareness Magazine.

In the early 2000s, the death of my partner and parents further broke my heart open. Former teachings either integrated more fully or fell away. In 2013, I paused to look at a flower and life as I knew it fell away. My mind and heart spontaneously opened in realization of One existence, seamlessly appearing as every form, every movement. Everything was indescribable Love for 7 days. While the everyday experience of life merged back in, the deep knowing of Love as the essence of all life continues.

Significant changes occurred in all areas of my life. Creativity flowed through me organically and urgently. With no prior training, I started painting intuitively and writing poetry. This season of life brought a realization of the gift and privilege of simply being alive and participating in this wondrous creation that we call Life.


For more than 30 years I engaged in various Hatha Yoga and Qigong practices. When I retired from my advertising career, I chose yoga as a vocation. I received my 200-hour teaching certification through The School of Gentle Yoga at The Soul of Yoga in Encinitas, California. I immediately began teaching both mat and chair yoga classes and currently teach gently active Hatha mat classes. My embodied yoga approach is informed by all I have experienced plus additional studies in somatic practices, especially Body-Mind Centering® .


“Life changing. This is not just something I “do” for an hour and then put it on a shelf until my next session. It is part of who I am. My journey. My desire to discover in the deepest way possible who I am and what I’m here for. underneath all the baggage, the Truth, the deepest healing possible, the greatest unwind, the fulfilling of the deepest longing…to have the opportunity to walk upon this planet, truly inhabiting my body, full of love for myself and radiating this love and health and Wholeness to All.

In our time together on the phone, your wisdom and strength come across so clearly and yet there is a gentle lovingness to your presence. I feel supported to be in the process and continue to deeply explore how life is opening in me.”

Janelle MuseMassage Therapist

“Working with you has been such a deepening experience of connecting to the core of who I am. Your intuition and skills have enabled me to move through painful memories to a place of openness and new opportunities. I feel more peaceful, compassionate and accepting since doing the embodiment work with you!”

Eileen KleinMarriage & Family Therapist