Sessions are designed for moving beyond anxieties, overwhelm, polarization of our times and beyond exclusive ego identification towards wakefulness in a rich and rewarding sense of aliveness, more capacitized and clear.

While every session is different, in general your experience may include…

Energetic support and impact as we focus together, bringing in-the-moment inquiry, exploration and experience which opens a door for more beauty, truth, love and relationship.

Language with words like ‘connect, being with, listen, curiosity, sense, wonder, awe’ — and not a language of fixing or getting rid of, though it is a transformative practice without bypassing or efforting to transform.

Space where beauty AND feelings of brokenness can be met equally in tenderness.

A guide companioning you at your inner edges where mystery opens into realization, originality, nourishment, grounding, vitality, and forward movement in you and your life. 

A focused Being with which allows the power and intelligence of wounds to seed your gifts/superpowers and open the way for heart-felt authenticity, clarity and compassion.

How do you want to live your life?

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60 minute sessions are available by phone.

30 minute sessions are available for existing clients as follow-up /check-in.