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Guidance and Spiritual Support

Living in harmony with life calls us to deep authenticity in the midst of circumstances. By releasing ideas of being ‘normal’ and conforming to old social norms, we can be natural. We can be Present, Free and Peaceful, which is our natural way of Being.

Pretending to be other than we are, or not accepting the Love that we are, will create separation. All separation leads to suffering.

We are all born with a desire to live authentically and be happy, to discover who we truly are, why we are here, and how we can be of service. The answers to Life’s questions are found within, like seeds waiting to germinate. 

As a natural intuitive and empath, I offer support on your journey back to your heart, authentic Truth and essential Self that is expressing as your unique, authentic Humanness.  Read more.


♦ Guidance on Your Path

Befriending Yourself – Healthy Shadow Work

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For online events, please send a message with your interest to be notified of future offerings.

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♦ Yoga of Awakening

♦ Guided Meditation