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Intuitive Guidance and Empathic Support

“Awaken to the Real within all that is real….a vivid awareness of infinite Being at the roots of our own limited being. Come dervishes, here is the water of life. Dance in it.”  Thomas Merton, Christian Mystic (1915-1968)

My work supports you in having a life you love and loving the life you have as it appears to be now and as it dynamically evolves.

I offer an embodied, grounded, compassionate approach to realizing the Love you are, moving forward in life, uncovering authentic Truth, innate wisdom and fundamental peace and wellbeing.

On this site, you will find inspiring blog articles, poetry and a listing of my yoga classes. Soon, there will be free guided meditations available. All my offerings are centered on supporting your Artistry of Being authentically You….the One your heart longs to be. 

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Personal sessions.


♦ Guidance on Your Path

Healthy Shadow Work

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When we are free to gather again post-covid, I will be offering creative, movement-oriented workshops for exploring and deepening into your unique expression and authentic life. Send a message with your interest to be notified when they are available.

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Relaxation Yoga

♦ Guided Meditations