A brave and beautiful life calls us into mystery where we are drenched in invitation to be all that we are.

A great movement of authenticity is sweeping through every corner of the world. Depending on your perspective, this may look messy and far from truth.

Closer into silence where wisdom runs deep in us, where raw, kind honesty emerges from vulnerability we can discover a momentum that is real, authentic and true.

We are all wired to discover our authenticity, the genuine realness that comes from landing in our light and standing in our bones.

Authenticity is much more than telling the truth and living in alignment with our values, yet this is part of it.

Being authentic is living with an available heart, open in vulnerability, humility and simplicity.

It’s saying yes to mystery, to light, to earthiness and fire, and to being all we are.

It’s leaving the sidelines, participating, sharing, giving and receiving without agenda to feel good about a separate sense of self. We’re compelled to offer what we can because our love is so great we can’t do otherwise.

At times when we can’t show up, even for ourselves, authenticity is gentle kindness in this moment’s experience. This allows our heart to stay open to the whole of life, including the glory and the grittiness.

True embodied authenticity naturally expresses as uniqueness, as new and upleveled capacities and an unyielding desire to give our self to life. For we deeply realize that we ARE life and we cannot hold ourselves as separate.

As pioneers in a more whole and authentic world we are called to live in presence with room in our heart for darkness longing itself into light.

At this creative edge the mystery of timelessness mingles with time-bound energy and the fleshy miracle of our authenticity-in-action is set free.

Photo by Elizabeth Gadd