Something is here in nothing.

A silky darkness.

A wild emptiness.

A river of shapes and sound.

A face with its never-before, never-after turn of lips.

Just so and never again,

lighting universes and rainbows

as tongues of fire singe my heart.

Photo by Elizabeth Gadd

When I was 3, my parents were my center.
When I was 25, my own family was my center.
Life wore on, wearing me like springtime and winter.
When I was 40, I was stripped to a raw center.

Today my center is the altar of this moment.

This centerless life is a Nameless Beauty.
Her heart, a universe
her belly, a mystery
her breath a timeless wind.

Life is about being here

growing in truth

coming out of hiding

and wiggling in laughter.

It’s about aware attention

crying babies

tired mothers

and radiant moons.

It’s about skinned elbows

lost hair

and voices like angels.

Life is about living this simple moment

as your mind is touched by fingers of grace

and your heart is held in arms of grace.

Yes, life is about falling into boundless, wide-eyed amazement.

Photo by Elizabeth Gadd


It might appear as ragged, tired, or raw

an overlooked one in a dark alley

or a lonely one in the cold of night.

Though it might echo a chilling wail

or bellow with pompous forgetting

listen closer, friend

come here, friend.

Under your torn heart

shattered by worn threads of forgetting

a glint of sunlight

like answered prayer

reveals an ancient language

of brokenness becoming love

and truth finding voice

and birdsong landing in fresh morning dew.

Photo by Elizabeth Gadd


Can you befriend the wild aliveness in your heart?

Can you listen into searing depths that beckon you?


Can you welcome this unscripted moment with its fierce threshold to everything?

Can you open to life’s sweet and bitter tastes of love?


Can you let humility guide you?

Can you end your attempts to control eternal mystery?


Can you remember your value as vast and inherent in each breath?

Can you recognize the precious value of others?


Can you meet conflict, despair and sorrow as potent messengers of love?

Can you come ever closer to love’s touch?


Can you embrace paradox, knowing another’s laughter and tears as your own?

Can you live with your heart on the line?


Can you rest in the depth of compassion for another’s suffering?

Can you remember kindness for your own suffering?


Can you come to this moment empty and alone?

Can you risk yourself for a breath of eternity’s breeze?


Can you come home, Here, simply clothed in the gift of your aliveness?

Can you come home, Now, as you are?

This NOW Moment, a simple twitch in time, is gone before we know it arrives.

NOW is mystery; its warm embrace is our warm embrace; its moment is our moment where the sacredness of things breathes.

This NOW Moment is where my humanity finds its humility, its humus, its ground.

NOW is without opposites. Past and present live in NOW.

Present Moment Awareness, whole unto itself and whole as everything, endlessly invites us.