It might appear as ragged, tired, or raw an overlooked one in a dark alley or a lonely one in the cold of night. Though it might echo a chilling wail or bellow with pompous forgetting listen closer, friend come here, friend. Under your torn heart shattered by worn threads of forgetting a glint of […]

Winter Solstice is a cornerstone inviting deep rest and balance outside the fray of activity. Like turning a corner to come home from a long weary journey, early winter points us to a soft landing and soft heart. Under the surface of things, deeper than the noise of things, different than how things appear to […]

We live in surprising times. Gut wrenching times and times too beautiful for words. As Fall streams in on the power of summer eclipses, the invitation is to meet the gut wrenching in presence and kindness, where it naturally reveals life’s unspeakable beauty. Fall brings reminders to be awake to everything. To access the heart […]

To embody our self and our life is to pay attention to what is arising inside here and now. Becoming embodied asks us to listen to a deeper sense of our self, to let alone how we think life should be and not choose between two states, but engage where life’s interdependent arising and demise […]

Sometimes we feel inspired to come clean and be honest. If we’re lucky, we tire of holding things together the way we think they should be. If we’re listening, we fall silent. Life isn’t what it seems. It doesn’t ask us to come clean. It asks us to stop and come to this moment as […]

Those of you who remember the bouncy doo-wop song, Summertime Summertime Sum Sum Summertime by the Jamies, may also remember simpler times. Life in today’s world is vastly more complex than those Leave it to Beaver days, yet the heart of life remains simple. Learning to open and stay in your heart is the foundation […]