On one side of the current edge of evolution, mind and body contract in habitual survival patterns. On the other side is connection and vital aliveness. Actually, there are not two sides, simply an organic, surging evolution of dark becoming light. These seeming polarities are partnering in one encompassing and profound expression of cosmic intelligence […]

Have you noticed that you are different than you were a year ago? Or even different from yesterday? Perhaps you feel less attached to how you think things should be, more open and willing to meet unpredictability, more available for spontaneity and showing up compassionately without needing to be certain or in control. At the […]

It is through you that love expresses in this rare and precious world of paradox and mystery. Walk with dignity, friend. Open to the profundity of each fleeting breath. Let love spill awake and shower your cells with miracle. Be a home for wonder, awe and majesty. Provide safety for heartbreak and dissolved dreams. Know […]

Winter season’s theme is humanitarian unity. No matter our calling or contrasting realities, the unprecedented nature of life calls us into fuller expression of who we are as we dig in and get serious about our personal and collective quality of life. As winter progresses and life’s waves of change get bigger and more sudden, […]

Friend, Can you befriend the wild aliveness in your heart? Can you listen into searing depths that beckon you?   Can you welcome this unscripted moment with its fierce threshold to everything? Can you open to life’s sweet and bitter tastes of love?   Can you let humility guide you? Can you end your attempts […]

Through every sliver of your open heart love springs, howls and seeps alive, offering nothing less than all of itself. Daring to live wide open sets you in relationship with vulnerability and the voice of life under the noise. You may be asked to risk your constructed identity, risk your dreams of how you imagine […]