Have you noticed that you are different than you were a year ago? Or even different from yesterday? Perhaps you feel less attached to how you think things should be, more open and willing to meet unpredictability, more available for spontaneity and showing up compassionately without needing to be certain or in control. At the same time, you might feel more committed to what matters to you. These heart qualities are getting stronger for everyone.


Each person’s heart awakens in its own time. The cellular inheritance from centuries of imbalanced mind dominance is updating and resetting connections with the heart, body and soul. Spring extends continual invitations to realize that what may seem lost to time is never really lost, that we are unique in all eternity, free to discover our own timeless presence, free to be embodied, fully alive and whole.


We live at a crossroads of soul and time as life mobilizes in surprising ways this season. During the next several months everyone may feel some intensification. Endings and beginnings may feel like waves in a restless sea. If you feel vulnerable in the face of unexpected change, you can bring attention closer to this tender energy and meet it with your presence.
Springtime invites partnering endearment with endurance. Give up false ideals of what you think things mean and open your heart to being here, embodied and awake in this moment of life’s astonishing emergence. Cease complaining, criticizing, blaming and employing strategies that weaken and divide you. Ask yourself: Am I willing to be free?
The path to freedom is everywhere. Freedom is not a spiritual destination or a state to grasp. Freedom lies in an unshakable realization of the heart of all life that is already and always free and in your capacity to live in presence close in to your own heart.
The energy of Spring invites increasing your heart’s availability to meet feelings inclusively, receiving joys and sorrows without being defined by any of it. All is a gateway. All  opposites point to silence. All feelings are emissaries of light reminding us of our untameable aliveness that endlessly renews.
One instant of presence changes everything. It is in this moment — this true home — that your heart can awaken in ever-deepening wonder. So laugh heartily, gaze up at the stars, wiggle your toes in the sand and simply breathe as you open your heart wide to this freshly alive, not-yet-known, creative cycle of life that we call Spring.
Photo by Sandra Bartoche