Sometimes life includes a radical departure from the norm. We may be moved to do or be or let go in unexpected ways. Sometimes there’s a tug from our heart or a poke from grace that simply cannot be ignored. My great grandmother may have felt this way the day she stood on a dock […]

A change in seasons points our attention to new life yet every day is a new season with new life. Every moment is a new tide washing us with fresh opportunity to choose what is here now — a pulse inside that is breathing itself alive as wildly varied expressions in this wide amazing world. […]

When I was 3, my parents were my center. When I was 25, my own family was my center. Life wore on, wearing me like springtime and winter. When I was 40, I was stripped to a raw center. Today my center is the altar of this moment. This centerless life is a Nameless Beauty. […]

It’s a fast world. Viewpoints and boundaries are thinning. Veils of unconsciousness are lifting. Horizons are merging. Global ideas are colliding and polarizing. Life is a curious thing as winter lets go into spring. The increasing speed of life calls us to live at a pace of presence with heart, sensitivity and soul. This season […]

Somewhere in Ireland and Iowa my ancestors hold poetry in their closed eyes and silent tongues. Somewhere in Montana a baby deer is born and scrambling to be upright. From the quiet mountains of Tibet to the lazy shores of Cabo, a soundless strength beyond time and appearances connects us. And somewhere here, right where […]

Life is about being here growing in truth coming out of hiding and wiggling in laughter. It’s about aware attention crying babies tired mothers and radiant moons. It’s about skinned elbows lost hair and voices like angels. Life is about living this simple moment as your mind is touched by fingers of grace and your […]