Sometimes life includes a radical departure from the norm. We may be moved to do or be or let go in unexpected ways. Sometimes there’s a tug from our heart […]

A change in seasons points our attention to new life yet every day is a new season with new life. Every moment is a new tide washing us with fresh […]

When I was 3, my parents were my center. When I was 25, my own family was my center. Life wore on, wearing me like springtime and winter. When I […]

It’s a fast world. Viewpoints and boundaries are thinning. Veils of unconsciousness are lifting. Horizons are merging. Global ideas are colliding and polarizing. Life is a curious thing as winter […]

Somewhere in Ireland and Iowa my ancestors hold poetry in their closed eyes and silent tongues. Somewhere in Montana a baby deer is born and scrambling to be upright. From […]

Life is about being here growing in truth coming out of hiding and wiggling in laughter. It’s about aware attention crying babies tired mothers and radiant moons. It’s about skinned […]