Our love for the world is boundless. Our love for each other can often be conditional until we settle deeper into our own humanity and let our heart fall open. In this vulnerable, honest, compassionately alive way of living we can meet each other, touch each other and celebrate each other in ways beyond what […]

This NOW Moment, a simple twitch in time, is gone before we know it arrives. NOW is mystery; its warm embrace is our warm embrace; its moment is our moment where the sacredness of things breathes. This NOW Moment is where my humanity finds its humility, its humus, its ground. NOW is without opposites. Past […]

I find a particular sweetness in the early morning quiet. Vibrant stillness erupts from blackness before the world stirs. It’s a secret time with its own mystery. This morning’s predawn sky has a peek hole to one luminous star that lights up its blanket of darkness. I can’t pull my eyes away from its light. […]