Spring turns awareness to a fire in our belly that is ready to pour out of our heart to express, create, freshly open and share ourselves in a new way for the good of many. The planetary sky speaks of applying attention toward what we love while learning to re-love what we may have forgotten how to love.

Energetic influences during this season invite bringing curious, openly focused, felt-attention to our inner life that is expressing outward. This is what Einstein called a ‘holy curiosity’ — a state of inquiry that moves us into life-affirming change. An ancient and evolutionary impulse for evolved change is strengthening its reach in the world. In whatever way this yearning touches us it can include generous doses of uncertainty and instability. How is yearning showing up in you? At its core, this deep ache is an invitation from your pure Self, Love, to be known. What happens if you turn attention to it?

The concentrated power of this week’s rendezvous of a new moon, solar eclipse and spring equinox delivers a potent message to be awake in our moments — the okay-with-everything moments, the nothing-is-working moments, the unexpected, unplanned life-is-about-change moments. This forward-moving burst of energy may uproot what is no longer for the good of all and plant new seeds that invite exploration of what it means to be free. This season, a new kind of stability begins to emerge through our changing relationship with life, reminding us we are rooted and at home in presence.

Spring’s sweet song of emergence beckons fuller immersion in life’s current. Can you see yourself as a child of creation poised on the edge of the world, on the edge of this moment and the surprise of the next moment? Poet John O’Donohue wrote: “I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”

Spring’s passion is here and supports bold strides into what brings us alive and free. So, friends, let us enter this season loving unrestrainably as our heart seeds break through fresh soil in greater creativity, authenticity, expression and aliveness! Can you feel what’s here as you live in the glory and surprise of today becoming tomorrow? If you can’t, can you love that too? Welcome to a season of remarkable change; a time of rich potential; a time for focus and heart; a time for love!