Can you befriend the wild aliveness in your heart?

Can you listen into searing depths that beckon you?


Can you welcome this unscripted moment with its fierce threshold to everything?

Can you open to life’s sweet and bitter tastes of love?


Can you let humility guide you?

Can you end your attempts to control eternal mystery?


Can you remember your value as vast and inherent in each breath?

Can you recognize the precious value of others?


Can you meet conflict, despair and sorrow as potent messengers of love?

Can you come ever closer to love’s touch?


Can you embrace paradox, knowing another’s laughter and tears as your own?

Can you live with your heart on the line?


Can you rest in the depth of compassion for another’s suffering?

Can you remember kindness for your own suffering?


Can you come to this moment empty and alone?

Can you risk yourself for a breath of eternity’s breeze?


Can you come home, Here, simply clothed in the gift of your aliveness?

Can you come home, Now, as you are?

Through every sliver of your open heart love springs, howls and seeps alive, offering nothing less than all of itself. Daring to live wide open sets you in relationship with vulnerability and the voice of life under the noise. You may be asked to risk your constructed identity, risk your dreams of how you imagine life should be. Life may encourage you to stop and discover your unsung connection with everything.

When fearing vulnerability and holding to a conditioned identity of being invulnerable, in control, or unworthy and unloved, it feels natural to seek a salve for neurosis, try to ease the fear of loss, attempt to resolve what is missing to somehow rise above it and land in security or bliss. Yet these polarized obstructions distance you from experiencing the love you are here and now. Attempting to control eternal mystery widens separation and keeps you farther from the fullness of true possibility. You are this eternal mystery. Can you let go of opposing it, of opposing yourself?

Love increases when your attention is turned in the direction of life’s natural movement. Life will always move towards expansion of love. The invitation is to turn attention here. To let your mind come home here, now, where every unscripted moment reveals its surprising strength, its creativity and spontaneous arising of love.

You are a vast and wild aliveness of unknown proportions that longs to free its natural potency of kindness, care, compassion and tender presence. Come home. Discover that vulnerability is a portal for love and life’s shining eyes and precious heart in the midst of untamed, creatively natural unfolding. Come home. Discover that love may not be something to fear. Discover that the only risk is your image of how you think things should be.

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The energy of Fall honors the year’s promise of renewal as it quickens and propels us into expanded ways to live and relate. It is harvest time in this very creative year. In the center this season’s harvest is a rapid swirl of change that encourages balance and unity.

Fresh starts are getting underway and carry an ongoing continuum of potential. In these first weeks of Fall, life offers reminders that emotional intelligence is the path, not the pathology Be gentle and honest and allow time for your precious nervous system to rest. Come often to a sanctuary of kindness, care and space. Read more

Life’s sweet wildness is never to be lived in quite the same way as in this moment. A tulip red as blood, a butterfly light as a sigh. Love pours from the sky, springs from the ground, oozes in ocean slime and foams on cresting waves. Live this moment. To be alive is the miracle.

Love devours our stories of how we think things should be. It wedges us open, its perfect crack streaming grace. Love’s undivided transparent thread, a kiss forever sewn in our heart.

Love lies hungry on dirty street corners, in aching eyes and bilious bellies. Love dances on world stages and in lonely imaginations. Love never stops thirsting to drink itself here where its creativity cannot be withheld. Love simply spills its aliveness.

Come closer to love’s touch, to a longing that swishes as breeze and howls as storm. Come closer to love’s magnetic pull, to its sweet or fierce unfurling in the center of joy or despair. Come closer in and feel love’s tender beloved fingers caress your heart and soothe your insatiable yearning.

Love carries no false promises for arrival or safety. Its only promise is an endless invitation to this golden moment to live close to love’s heartbeat in each cell, each tuft of hair and each flake of skin. Love is this, friends. This precious embodied presence, this drift of dust in warm air, this memory of youth in aging eyes, even this fear of this very alive moment.

Love, a pulsing universal heart, roars and whispers its song called LIFE in infinite harmonies of pure, simple, unfathomable creation. In this untamed ocean of love a new moment arrives. How might you live it now?

Photo by Saqib Z.

It’s simple to stay the course in life when we feel delight and joyous synchronicity. But can we live close to the heart of ourselves and the heart of life when we feel disappointment and frustration, grief and pain? Can we stop, pause and be with how we are touched instead of escaping through addictions or rushing to get past it?

Many of us are skilled at turning away from uncomfortable experiences –– you know, that heaviness in your chest, persistent ache in your lower back, anxiety, random pain that signals energetic change is trying to occur. We haven’t been taught to be with our feeling experiences fully. Instead of facing into what we feel, we often deny these inner signals, gut feelings and intuition, ignore our discernment and lose power as we move farther away from ourselves. The ways we avoid, betray and leave ourselves to feel more secure are often so subtle we don’t recognize them as tired strategies that separate us from ourselves and increase a sense of insecurity. Read more

Spring turns awareness to a fire in our belly that is ready to pour out of our heart to express, create, freshly open and share ourselves in a new way for the good of many. The planetary sky speaks of applying attention toward what we love while learning to re-love what we may have forgotten how to love.

Energetic influences during this season invite bringing curious, openly focused, felt-attention to our inner life that is expressing outward. This is what Einstein called a ‘holy curiosity’ — a state of inquiry that moves us into life-affirming change. An ancient and evolutionary impulse for evolved change is strengthening its reach in the world. In whatever way this yearning touches us it can include generous doses of uncertainty and instability. How is yearning showing up in you? At its core, this deep ache is an invitation from your pure Self, Love, to be known. What happens if you turn attention to it? Read more

I find a particular sweetness in the early morning quiet. Vibrant stillness erupts from blackness before the world stirs. It’s a secret time with its own mystery.

This morning’s predawn sky has a peek hole to one luminous star that lights up its blanket of darkness. I can’t pull my eyes away from its light. Standing at the window in my pajamas, this pinhole in eternity draws me in and I hear whispers: “Sometimes it takes darkness to see light. Sometimes stormy waves rise. Sometimes a safe shore washes away to reveal a far greater creation than we could have imagined.”

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