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Jun 29 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
In our 90 minute conference call, we will engage in discussion, practice and inquiry to strengthen our capacity to live in embodied, creative, and present relationship with our self, others and all life.

On one side of the current edge of evolution, mind and body contract in habitual survival patterns. On the other side is connection and vital aliveness. Actually, there are not two sides, simply an organic, surging evolution of dark becoming light. These seeming polarities are partnering in one encompassing and profound expression of cosmic intelligence to establish pathways of aliveness. Due to the conditioned state of humanity at this time, this act of grace and breathtaking creativity is often seen as something to fight, get over, fix or further abandon, yet it simply needs one moment of your warm embrace.

All that is to say that this call is an opportunity to be with others in a deeply attuned space where you’ll come to know that whatever seems to be in the way IS the gateway to what you truly desire. You’ll learn how to stop abandoning your experience and move through surface distractions and narratives to begin to embody your deepest Truth.

Embodiment: A Path of Love
Oct 22 @ 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Through talks, exploration, and guided inquiry you will access deep levels of communion with your body and spontaneous creativity. This strengthens your capacity for aware, awake embodiment.

The workshop is about profound connectedness. Presence. Self-kindness even when you fail or hurt.

Embodying the aliveness of your true self. Allowing an inspired and inspiring life to build from the inside.

Wasting no more time feeling less than or false. It’s about deepening connection in heart-centered consciousness and living here, now.

This workshop provides a framework for the artistry of being awake to each moment’s potential. It is based in mutuality (sometimes referred to as “we space”), where change occurs through the attuned power of presence with what arises.

For more information or to pay by check, email Nancy.

Guided Meditation Conference Call
Jan 17 @ 6:00 pm

To register: go to the Contact page and fill in the form. The call-in number and access code will be sent to you by email.

This event is free though donations are appreciated. To donate: go to the Purchase Sessions tab at the top right corner of this site. Click on Donate and enter any amount you prefer.

Women’s Embodiment Group – Online
Mar 1 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

SERIES OF 4 MEETINGS, one every other week.

The focus of our group is based on this statement: We each are part of a great rise of loving and revelation of truth such as the world may have never known. 

This core theme will be explored through the following topics that support communion of mind and heart:

* Opening to life

* Intimacy of authenticity

* Receptive and active nature of the feminine in today’s world

* Nurturing a new relationship with our self and all life

* Recognizing subtle habits of collective conditioning

* Self-responsibility, attention, connection and awareness

* Sisterhood connection, earth connection and the one organism of life

* Allowing inspired action, creativity and momentum

* There may be other themes that arise organically within the group

I am offering a creative, supportive, nourishing space in which all can share, deepen, and evolve. In each meeting I will start with a talk on one of the above topics. There will be time to discuss this, to share personal thresholds if you choose to do so, and to receive deep listening in a resonant field of renewing, transforming energy.

We will meet every other Wednesday evening from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm PST via Zoom.*

Meeting dates:
Wednesday March 1st, March 15th, March 29th, April 12th.

Fee: $97

The group will be kept to a smaller number of participants so if you feel called to participate, you may want to respond soon.

To begin, please send me a message to let me know what inspires you to join. You will find a payment button here to confirm your space in the group.

A sliding scale is available if you are experiencing financial need. Contact me to discuss.

I look forward to being with you!

*Zoom is a free video conferencing service that is easy to use. Details will be sent with registration confirmation.

Colors of Freedom ~ A Workshop
Jun 3 @ 11:00 am – 3:30 pm

Colors of Freedom workshop begins with an exploration of our awakened nature and an allowance of its presence. The exploration continues with a unique template of evolved chakra vibrations and their colors for use in a practice of relaxing beyond resistance into deeper connection with life’s natural movement.

Most systems work from a premise of being a limited self who wants to become better. We’ll start with a recognition that in the deepest part of our being we are already awake. This cuts through many habit structures and false assumptions about identity.

The historical reference of chakras provides an understanding of our collective human and spiritual journeys through time. Life is different than it was and our chakras reflect this evolution. This Colors of Freedom workshop invites going beyond where your learning has taken you. It points beyond the habitual lens of historical concepts and diminished vibrations to reveal the mature evolution that wants to occur naturally in your body, mind, heart and life…and in the whole of life.

Thoughts, emotions and body sensations are not the enemy. In our time together, we’ll explore how, in life’s wisdom, they are already completely allowed to co-exist and how their denser immature vibrations will raise to subtle mature energies that support realization.

Colors of Freedom workshop opens a door and points a way. The template you receive will support you. It isn’t a magic bullet. It points to the magic that you already are, and that all life is, and inspires a way to say yes.

The fee for this workshop is $70. Advance registration is required.

To register, click here.

If you have questions or wish to send a check, contact Nancy here.

A sliding scale is available if you are experiencing financial need.