What is in the way IS the way.

The embodied, grounded guidance I offer is honoring of your life experience and your whole being. It supports unity rather than separation and leads to increasing freedom, compassion and flexibility in everyday life.

Having a clear guide can help you recognize and move beyond subtle (and not so subtle) ego strategies and traps.

If you are new to this work, please contact me for a free consultation.

People who have worked with me have this to say

“My sessions with you have resulted in a new found freedom, inner strength and self-assurance to live my life from the principles of integrity, authenticity, presence and compassion with my family, friends, community and work.

At a turning point in my career, our embodiment work helped me realize I needed to diversify.  I began teaching meditation and recorded and released a meditation CD.  One of the things I have done that I am most proud.  I am living and loving in a new way.”

Victoria SciarraLicensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Meditation Teacher

“I’m so glad I decided to work with you. I am experiencing deeper and more meaningful connections with my loved ones and living a more wholehearted life. It’s still a journey, with ups and downs, but it’s a more authentic journey. And for that, I am forever grateful.

I highly recommend Nancy to anyone who wants to grow, heal or just live a fuller life.”

Stephanie KaplanHuman Resources Manager